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About Us

Our Mission

Modern data analysis and visualization tools are creating opportunities for every organization in the world. Our mission is to bring business intelligence solutions to our clients by offering analytics as a service in a way that makes data useful. Friendly data solutions enable organizations of all sizes to compete more effectively by providing unprecedented insight into their operations, people, and market. This is the new frontier.

What We Believe

The digital era is lowering the barrier between who people are and what they do. People make the greatest impact on the world through their work, and the strengths of a company's values are more relevant than ever in defining who and what you work for. This understanding has shaped our core values which provide a path forward to building a sustainable professional service company that operates with integrity. Here's the kind of world we'd like to create:

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We've met too many people who say all the right things for all the wrong reasons. We're here to help our clients transition to running a competitive digital enterprise, whether that means providing a solution, answering questions, or referring someone to a specialist. We're not here to sell a product; we're here to make data useful.

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We believe that the well of opportunities being created by data technologies has only begun to flow. Power BI applications. Machine Learning. Big Data. Internet of Things. BioInformatics. Forecasting. Satellite Imaging. We want to create and share these opportunity with our clients by being at the forefront of what is possible and relevant.

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We believe in respect for our clients, our team members, and our planet. Honest communication about difficult topics is an essential part of any data driven process. We believe in aligning on shared expectations before moving forward, and in and following through on our commitments.

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Useful, high quality of work should be a shared expectation, never subject to a negotiation. We believe that talk is cheap. We live our commitment to Excellence by providing the best possible window into our skills and experience. Review our latest work in the gallery, keep up with our latest thinking on our blog, and chat with us about all things data on Twitter.