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VectorQB FAQs


What makes VectorQB so special compared to other tools? +

We make VectorQB available as a “Services-enabled Software” because nothing in data and analytics is as easy as it seems. Not only do we accelerate our clients through the first steps of pulling data together, we provide a jumping off point with reports in a visually engaging format so that you can see meaningful connections and share them with your team. When you need to merge the data with other data-sets, our VectorQB flexible framework makes a difference in capability and speed to delivery, supporting every next step you take with your business.

Here’s a short list of what makes VectorQB special:

  • Reports are always available, saving time and headache in manual creation.
  • Reports identify significant relationships and change drivers to affect business performance.
  • Fill in your blind spots with pre-built, tailored, or custom reports to answer key questions.
  • Your reports are available to trusted financial advisors to get more from those relationships

Am I on my own with this, or does Runway help me out? +

Runway works with you every step of the way to ensure your business intelligence requirements are met or exceeded. We work with you and your financial advisor to set up VectorQB and get you up and running within two weeks. As you become familiar with the base package, you are likely to identify changes or additional features that you’d like to see. We work closely with you and your advisor to flesh out these ideas and expand them, helping to identify what’s possible and worth prioritizing along the way.

Can VectorQB handle consolidations? +

VectorQB is built on a flexible framework that allows for accelerated consolidation of QuickBooks files. We provide the ability to identify trends across multiple QuickBooks files, or dig deeper when something about a specific file needs closer attention. We can also work with you to identify and build relevant benchmarks for participants in your organization, allowing you to reward what’s going well and offer support where it’s needed.

Can VectorQB incorporate additional, non-QuickBooks data? +

Absolutely! We work with many other production systems and we have numerous ways to get the data into your cloud data warehouse. We developed VectorQB for Quickbooks to help our clients accelerate their reporting transformation, but truly IT Savvy companies operate with all of their data in one place. We work with you to prioritize and think through the best way to integrate each system that you depend on. We bring in and merge data from excel sheets and other systems to track alongside or merge with your financial data. At Runway, we help our clients see the whole picture.

What's included with a VectorQB subscription? +

The core subscription includes everything you need to jump start your reporting efforts! We work through your installation, set up your database, load the first batch of data, and schedule your refreshes. We then share access to the VectorQB with you and a financial advisor of your choice. We take care of all of the configuration, administration, and maintenance to keep you focused on your business. If you need more, our team works closely with you to plan, design, and deliver the exact views you need. We know QuickBooks data inside and out, and our team brings skills in data engineering, data analysis, and data science to offer support to enable your most challenging opportunities and creative ideas.

What does VectorQB cost? +

VectorQB is structured as a configurable package of software, enabled by accompanying service. This approach eliminates up-front development cost, accelerates return on value for our customers, and provides for the administration and maintenance on an ongoing basis. We ensure your data is accurate, your visualizations work, and that you have someone to call if things aren’t going the way you want. For these reasons, VectorQB is billed as a monthly subscription starting at $149.99 per month, with possible discounts and upgrades that may impact the price. For Custom development, our team provides a scoped estimate in advance and works on an hourly basis to create new functionality you want. Click here for a custom quote.

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