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Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation & Analysis

In recent years, we have seen a strong shift toward a Customer-Centric business model. A question often asked is how can we support that model without a clear picture of who our customers are? Business owners usually have an idea of who their best customers are but have a limited idea of how to leverage that information to position their services more effectively. Deeper insights such as where your customer base is located, who your top clients are, why they seek out your service, and how much of your time they take can be hidden behind third-party databases with limited reports or may not be even reported on.

Case Study:

Chiropractic Customer Analysis & Segmentation

We worked with one of our Chiropractic clients to provide concrete answers to these questions. We segmented out who came to this practice by age, gender, and payment type to identify his greatest market appeal. We analyzed trends in write-offs, Payer charges, and Payer premiums to identify which types of Payers were more likely to pay in full for the treatment that was administered. Our team also looked at where those customers were clustered geographically to identify areas for expansion and deeper market penetration. Finally, we broke out the clients by total revenue and number of visits to profile the clients that provided the highest revenue for the least amount of time. These insights allowed our client to target their marketing and outreach efforts to build a higher margin in their book of business.

Click on the snapshot below to interact with our demo dashboard, hosted by Power BI.

Client Demographic Overview Interactive Dashboard All data contained in this demo dashboard has been mocked up for this demonstration and does not represent a real practice or clients.