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Finance & Operations

Keeping an accurate picture of your organization is essential to managing it efficiently, but managing finances across multiple locations and groups can be difficult. When we talk to our clients we frequently hear:

  • Generating reports in the right format can take hours.
  • Data pulled from multiple sources may be inconsistent.
  • Reports can be late when managers get busy.
  • The information received may be limited or formatted in a way that’s unusable.
  • Reports may only be generated on a weekly or monthly basis, limiting real time analysis of performance.
  • Bringing financial and operational reporting into a streamlined dashboard can eliminate these headaches, allowing organizations to make decisions with accurate and meaningful information at their fingertips.

Case Study:

St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral

Like many organizations, St. Mark’s has relied heavily on excel spreadsheets, manual formulas, and institutional knowledge to manage their finances. We took their data and transformed it into a set of dynamic reports using Power BI to visualize key metrics. This custom, automated dashboard supports the institution’s values by enabling responsible stewardship of the Church’s critical resources.

These reports are available live for anyone in the congregation or the leadership to review on their own time. Everyone can see and understand the same view, providing context and a clear basis for discussion about priorities and trends. St. Mark’s leaders are now able see at a glance where their revenue comes from, how it is being spent, and whether financial actuals tracking against the planned budget. These visualizations drive conversations about how dollars are being spent relative to the planned allocation and how well that spending aligns to the Cathedral’s priorities.

These dashboards are publicly available on the St. Mark’s website, advancing the Cathedral’s mission of total transparency with its parishioners.

Click on the snapshot below to interact with our dashboard, hosted by Power BI.

An interactive line graph of Cumulative Operating Revenue and Expenses Data made publicly available by St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral