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ITIL Service Desk

Companies that manage service desks live and die by their metrics. Call volume per hour is used to plan staffing around peak times. Ticket closure rates directly impact customer satisfaction. Lost tickets and bad service translate directly into lost business. These metrics can seem overwhelming - especially when they need to be assembled and validated by hand every week, month, or quarter.

Enter: Power BI

With Microsoft Power BI we can connect to multiple data sources to track telephony metrics, customer satisfaction, team moral, and service costs all in one place. Those metrics stay up to date, refreshing their underlying queries in near real time.

Case Study:

ITIL Service Desk Metrics

In the dashboard below we created ten pages to showcase relevant reports and navigation to support service desk reporting. We pulled together data from eight source tables to provide a 360 degree view of call activity at this help desk.

This dashboard allows users to:

  • Summarize incidents by geographic location
  • Generate a report of frequency of incidents by category each month
  • Visualize ticket resolution time by priority, track team performance, and monitor open ticket backlog
  • Track when incidents occur by day of week and time of day
  • Monitor ticket KPIs like Total Volume, Customer Satisfaction, and & Closed on First Contact
  • Break down ticket costs by type
  • Discover which tickets are having the greatest organizational impact
  • Track the frequency of tickets over time with a dynamic control chart to identify significant deviations
  • See how employee moral relates to job role and workload

Click on the image below to interact with this demo dashboard, hosted by Power BI.

All data contained in this demo dashboard has been mocked up for this demonstration and does not represent a real client.