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Making difficult decisions is part of any business. What hours should we be open, when is the best time to take vacation, and how many employees you need to staff to meet demand are critical questions that need to be answered. These decisions can have a critical impact on your customer experience, not to mention your bottom line. By collecting and synchronizing key business metrics, a Practice Management Solution can provide answers to key questions such as:

  • When should I take a vacation? And how much Revenue will I lose?
  • How many employees should I staff?
  • What days and hours should I be open?
  • How is my revenue trending?
  • Is my revenue trending, or just seasonal?

Click on the snapshot below to interact with our Practice Management demo dashboard, hosted by Power BI.

Interactive bar graph displaying earned revenue by month All data contained in this demo dashboard has been mocked up for this demonstration and does not represent a real practice or clients.